LEARNING WEEK ITPC-WA 2023: the CSIH-WCA, partner in a success story

date Published on 02/29/2024

The CSIH-WCA secretariat provides regular, multi-modal support to the various member organizations, as was the case on the occasion of the Learning Week organized by ITPC-WCA in September 2023, during which the CSIH-WCA actively contributed technical assistance, building the capacities of CSOs and stimulating the implementation of concrete interventions. An event that highlighted the transformation of CLM into an extended citizen monitoring tool, the integration of product lifecycle management practices, and the need for south-south collaborations and strategic sustainability plans for lasting impact in the region.

As part of its partnership with UNAIDS and CSIH-WCA, ITPC-WA organized a learning week on community-led monitoring in West and Central Africa in September 2023. Within this framework, the CSIH-WCA secretariat was able to provide technical assistance to the various players, enabling them to achieve the objectives of the event, namely to train resource persons on sustainable land management, create a sharing framework for CLM interventions and facilitate the documentation of good CLM practices.

This week of exchanges and meetings brought together 80 people from the western and central regions of the continent in the Ivorian capital. Participants not only engaged in fruitful dialogue, but also strengthened their knowledge and understanding of the main components and implications of community-led monitoring. 

This has been achieved by sharing experiences of CLM implementation in different countries, standardizing and domesticating CLM, and ensuring monitoring at all levels, thereby contributing more effectively to the national response.

This was an opportunity for stakeholders to put forward a number of recommendations and draw up an ambitious roadmap for the future based on : 

  • The transformation of CLM into a powerful tool for community-based citizen surveillance, extending its scope beyond HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.
  • Vigilance with regard to the integration of product lifecycle management practices by all stakeholders, whether public entities, technical experts or financial partners.
  • Facilitating the smooth integration of the CLM into the vast network of the national healthcare system.
  • The establishment of solid partnerships and fruitful collaborations between regions in the South, fostering a South-South dynamic.
  • The implementation of a strategic sustainability plan and strong partnerships are essential elements in shaping a prosperous future, among other enlightening recommendations.

As part of its partnership with UNAIDS and CSIH-WCA, ITPC WA provides technical assistance to civil society players in the field of community monitoring. This technical assistance contributes not only to strengthening the technical capacities of stakeholders, but also to the implementation of community monitoring interventions in the region.