CSIH-WCA: Focal points equipped to boost National Platforms

date Published on 03/11/2022

The Civil Society Institute for Health in West and Central Africa organized a 3-day training session in October 2022 at the Secretariat office on project management and networking for the 9 focal points of its national platforms and project managers. This initiative is part of the project Strengthening Community-Based HIV Ecosystems in West and Central Africa. It aims to develop skills in project management and networking of actors. The aim is to enable them to pilot and participate in the development, management and monitoring-evaluation activities of projects and programs in the health sector. They will also be able to play the role of facilitators of national civil society platforms in their respective countries. This capacity building session allowed participants to address the following topics: strategic planning, the concept of indicators, the role, responsibilities and expectations of focal points, among others.

The 09 focal points of the national platforms which are Ghanet-Ghana, ENDA Santé-Guinée Bissau, ARCAD Santé-Mali, Plateformes des Réseaux et Faitières-Côte d'Ivoire, Plateforme de lutte contre les IST/VIH/SIDA et la promotion de la santé au Togo, VerdeFam-Cabo Verde, CORAB-Burkina-Faso, SONges-Niger, CARKAP-Sierra Leone and a project officer from ENDA Santé had exchanges on the ways to strengthen the cooperation between them The goal is to boost the associative dynamics and the functioning of the national platforms. The issue of reporting, both programmatic and financial, was also addressed by the participants with the support of the Institute's team.

According to the beneficiaries, this training came at the right time. It allowed them to collect their opinions regarding their contribution to the Institute at the local and regional level and to harmonize the actions deployed on both sides. All were pleased with this capacity building. An online follow-up of the focal points will be done by the consultant, the mobilization of resources through ideas and projects will be carried out in order to support the National Platforms and finally to boost the collaboration and the close synergy work between the focal points and the Institute's Secretariat.

At the end of the training, the participants received a certificate of participation, signed by the Executive Director of the Civil Society Institute for Health in West and Central Africa and the CESAG trainer.