"Community Pulse: a 100% African project for an effective and influential civil society

date Published on 08/01/2024

The Civil Society Institute for Health in West and Central Africa (CSIH-WCA) and the Global Fund are giving civil society organizations a boost with a brand new capacity assessment tool. CSOs working on tuberculosis, HIV and malaria will now be able to measure and improve their skills thanks to "Community Pulse".

On the eve of 2024, the "Development of tools and technical support for service delivery by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for Grant Cycle 7 (GC7)" project is one of the new milestones that the CSIH WCA is preparing to meet in 2024.

This vitally important project aims to strengthen the capacity of CSOs to respond effectively to the challenges posed by the HIV, tuberculosis and malaria epidemics. 

Community-based systems and responses are crucial to putting an end to these devastating epidemics. However, despite their crucial role, CBOs and CBOs often face structural and capacity difficulties. In particular, these impede their access to funding, their management of grants and their long-term viability.

It is in this context that the "Development of tools and technical support for service provision by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for grant cycle 7" project takes on its full dimension: its main objective is to develop and test a series of differentiated capacity assessment tools, adapted to the diversity of contexts in which CSOs operate. 

These tools, based on the Organizational Maturity Model, will help assess civil society capacity and provide technical assistance to identified CSOs in selected countries. 

To set up this project, the Civil Society Institute for Health in West and Central Africa (CSIH-WCA) and the Global Fund organized, among other things, a co-creation workshop bringing together representatives of CSOs and community networks from several countries in the region. This was a key moment in which participants were able to grasp the methodology put forward by the CSIH-WCA. It was an exercise applauded by most participants, who praised the initiative for taking "organizations from one stage of the maturity model to another, and thus promoting their progress and improvement" , as well as by the Executive Director of the Christian Health Association of Liberia, who described the strategy as " good and educational".